The ZX6R is the ultimate 600 with its 636cc. Let us build you a motor that will finally even the odds on the straights!

(2000 – 2021) ZX6R -rr

Street/Drag Racing Packages (Including Install)

Every BWP engine is custom built to the customer’s specific application. The information below is typical of the average build. Please give us a call today so that we can spec an engine for your application. All engine package prices assume that your motor is in perfect condition, requiring only the performance improvements described below. Any additional parts or repairs are extra.

Level 1 – 110hp to 128hp: Fix the compromises the manufacture builds into the production motorcycle and free up horsepower that is already there with quality components. Power through better breathing and drivability through better tuning.

  • Full System
  • ECU Flash
  • sprint Air Filter
  • Dyno Tune

Level 2 – (Head and Cams) – 126 to 133hp: Let BWP work their magic on your cylinder head and then add more compression with a thinner head gasket. Improved top end flow with bigger valves and better mid range punch with Ceramic Coating and adjustable cam timing.

  • BWP hand porting head
  • Custom Head Gasket
  • Valves and Springs
  • Web cams
  • Cam Sprockets
  • Ceramic Coating pistons and Head
  • Manual Cam Chain Tensioner
  • Flash Dyno Tune
  • Labor

Level 3 – 135hp to 140hp: Drag racing, 674cc Extreme racing BWP offers +2mm overbores delivering an 674cc displacement motor making 137hp+ and can be ridden daily

  • BWP Custom Pistons
  • Block Machined by Millennium Technologies
  • Carrillo H-Beam Rods
  • BWP Ported Head
  • Web Cams
  • Adjustable Cam Sprockets
  • Valves and Springs
  • Ceramic Coating pistons and Head
  • Custom Head Gasket
  • Dyno Tune
  • Labor