fullsizeoutput_6afaIMG_1704DYNO RATES AND PRICES

  • We now have the ability to simulate 200 mph ram air as part of are level 2 and level 3 tuning
  • 3 power pulls CYCLE OR ATV – $100
  • Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki and Suzuki $400 for pc5, pc3 and bazzaz
  • ECU tuning starts at $600
  • Harleys start at $500 for pc5 tune (power vision, fuelpak, turbo will be more)
  • Rental per hour w/ wideband – $100 (We strap and hookup the bike)
  • Strapdown fee – $20 (only charged if comes on/off the dyno more then once)
  • Cleanup Fee Minimum Charge – $100 (If your leaks large amounts of fluid on the dyno you may be charged a cleanup fee)
  • Pre-Dyno Inspection – Require when tuning any boosted BIKE – $120
  • Tuning Groups of 2 or more bike will be a $50 discount each on pc5
  • Custom motor builds for NA, Turbos and Nitro available starting at $4,000
  • We are currently doing dyno tuning for