Auto Dyno Tuning


One of the most integral aspects of a high-performance fuel injected build is the fine tuning and adjustments of the engine’s electronic control unit. At Black Widow Dyno we offer dyno tuning services as well as sales and installation for a wide range of electronic engine management systems. We offer dyno tuning sessions, trackside tuning and consultation. We feature such great brands as Motec, APR, AEM, Haltech, ECU Flash, HP Tuners, Fast, and Cobb.  Contact us today to start realizing the power behind the keystrokes you’re engine has been missing!

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Our Dynojet 424 with Linx System is a state of the art tool used to measure the horsepower and torque of your car.  This machine also gives us the ability to tune your vehicle safely and accurately.  The Dynojet 424 Linx System is a simple, highly efficient design that incorporates a high-speed Multi-V Rib Belt and pulleys that eliminate potential speed differentials between the dyno drums. This technology allows us to test modern AWD vehicles without the fear of potentially damaging the center differentials or activating intrusive stability control systems. It is also useful for those 2wd performance vehicles that require all four wheels to be rotating in order to avoid “reduced power mode.”   Our Dynojet is also equipped with an Eddy Current Load Cell that we can use to simulate road conditions and add load to your car for building boost and tuning of hard to get to load cells.


  • 3 power pulls 2wd or AWD w/ wideband – $100 (Cash only Please)
  • Rental 2wd per hour w/ wideband – $125  (We strap and hookup the car)
  • Strapdown fee – $35 (only charged if car comes on/off the dyno more then once)
  • Cleanup Fee Minimum Charge – $75 (If your car leaks large amounts of fluid on the dyno you may be charged a cleanup fee)
  • Daily Rental – Daily rental is $800 and covers up to 5 cars and 8 hours time on the dyno.
  • Pre-Dyno Inspection – Require when tuning any boosted car – $225


HP Tuners License Fee – One time only charge – $100

Chevy 2008+ – HP Tuners Basic NA Tune – $600 (Does not include HP Tuners Unlock Credits)

Chevy 2008+ – HP Tuners Aggressive Head/Cam and/or Boosted Tune – $700 (Does not include HP Tuners Unlock Credits)

Chevy 2008+ – Speed Density Calibration – $100 option

Chevy 2008+ – HP Tuners credits are $50 each and most cars require 2 credits to unlock


HP Tuners License Fee – $100 – One time fee per vehicle

Charger/Challenger – Basic Bollt On Setups – $600

Charger/Challenger – Boosted/Cam/Nitrous setups – $700

Hellcat – $700 –

Dodge Viper – Any Setup – $2000 – includes license fee

NOTE  –  2015+ cars PCM will need sent to HP Tuners for unlock – $250


Ford – HP Tuners – License Fee One time only charge – $100

Ford  – HP Tuners – 2011 and up Mustang GT – Naturally Aspirated Tune – $600

Ford – HP Tuners – 2011 and up Mustang GT – Forced Induction Tune – $700

Ford – HP Tuners – 2011 and up Mustang GT – Automatic Transmission Tuning – $50

Ford – F150 Ecoboost – HP Tuners – $600

Ford – Cobb – (Access Port Not Included) – Focus ST & RS, Fiesta ST, Mustang Ecoboost – $600

Ford – Flex Fuel Tune – $950 plus fuel switch charge


Subaru 2015+ – Cobb (Access Port Not Included) – Stock or Aftermarket Injectors – $600

Subaru All 2015+ – Cobb (Access Port Not Included) – Secondary Fuel Map – $300

Subaru – Flex Fuel Tune -$950

Subaru BRZ/FRS – ECU Tek – Single Fuel – $600  ($250 License)

Subaru BRZ/FRS – ECU Tek – Flex Fuel – $950  ($250 License)

Cobb Access Port – $650


Nissan GTR – (Access Port Not Included) Basic Bolt on Car –  Cobb – $800

Nissan GTR – (Access Port Not Included) Upgraded Turbos, Flex Fuel, Injectors etc. Cobb –  $1100

Nissan 370z/G37 – ECU Tek Tunes Start at $600, License Fee $250

Cobb Access Port – $1350 – with TCM Flashing


PORSCHE 996/997/991/Boxster/Cayman – Tunes start at $1,000

Inquire about other models

Cobb Access Port – $1850 – Required for custom tuning


BMW – Cobb Dyno Tune  – Manual Trans – $600

BMW – Cobb Dyno Tune – Auto Trans – $650

Cobb Access Port – $650

Stand Alone EMS Tunes Start at – $800 -Covers up to 3 hours with 1 fuel type – $125/hr after that- Please contact for a quote

Stand Alone EMS options – Boost Control – $100

Stand Alone EMS options – Flex Fuel Setup – $300

Stand Alone EMS options – Traction Control – Please contact for a quote